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From minor behavioural issues to serious emergencies (and everything in between) teamSOS provides a rapid, GDPR compliant, everyday incident alert and automatic triage system, connecting classroom staff with on-call teams.
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66,920 school incident messages sent, managed, and recorded, with teamSOS, in January 2023 alone!

Imagine all of your school incidents – from minor behavioural to serious emergency – triaged to the right team and recorded automatically, within seconds.

Your staff, hitting one button to request support and feeling instantly reassured.

Your response team, knowing exactly what they are walking into.

Your recording and reporting, your pattern spotting, done for you.

Welcome to teamSOS, the on-call incident response and management system, for schools.


“Since bringing teamSOS into our school I feel that we have been able to reassure staff when things are challenging in their class, there are people available to respond, the response is proportionate, and they are able to recognise that there are people to support them.”


James Winchester
Deputy Headteacher, Oak Grove College, SEND school


“The rapid incident response and resolution using teamSOS and the better privacy it allowed has had a real impact on reducing disruption in the classroom.”

Emma Wilson-Downes
Head Teacher. Felixstowe School


The school has detailed analytics of the day’s activities as to who raised what incident, how often, what category of incident and against which student.”



Chris Handley
Head of RPE. Sybil Andrews Academy

School incident response and management, without the uncertainty


teamSOS ensures your staff feel heard with incident alerts, automatic triage, 2-way GDPR compliant communications, and detailed reporting.

Before teamSOS…

❌   No privacy/confidentiality
❌   WhatsApp and walkie-talkies do not meet GDPR requirements
❌   No way to evidence/record calls as they happen
❌   Unreliable signal/potential interrupted radio frequencies
❌   Walkie-talkies are expensive to purchase/replace
❌   Not everyone has a walkie-talkie
❌   Requires a separate member of staff to prioritise/triage calls
❌   Radios run out of battery

With teamSOS…

✅   Private, confidential, and GDPR compliant communication
✅   Staff are reassured that their message is being dealt with
✅   Detailed reports are captured automatically
✅   Reliable communication that reaches the right people
✅   Works on existing devices that staff already have
✅   Can be used by all staff, whether on-site or off-site
✅   Automatically triages calls and deals with breaks in the chain
✅   Checklists ensure correct procedures are followed

Reassure staff that help is at hand

School incidents happen every day. From minor behavioural matters through to serious emergency situations, your staff need support. If a student struggles to regulate, becomes violent, or doesn’t turn up to a lesson, your staff need a quick and reliable way of reporting and escalating the issue.

teamSOS is designed to give your staff the confidence and reassurance they need to deal with incidents quickly and effectively.

  • A simple way to ‘call for help’ from any device or a clickable button
  • Calls for help immediately alert the appropriate response team
  • Use the latest in-app ‘push to talk’ technology to stay connected during an incident

Ensure policies and procedures are followed

When the unexpected happens, policies, procedures and protocols can be forgotten. teamSOS supports schools to anticipate worst-case scenarios and put practical, intuitive support into the hands of every member of staff.

  • Create in-app task lists to ensure that your procedures are followed for every incident
  • Point staff to the in-app first-aid videos they can follow until the right help arrives
  • Review how an incident was handled with one-page incident summaries

Cut through the noise to reach all staff

In an urgent situation, or when you need to reach as many staff as possible, internal messages can be missed. If there is the requirement for lockdown or evacuation, leaders can use teamSOS Announcements to cut through the noise of everyday internal activity, ensuring all staff quickly know what is happening.

  • Create announcements that trigger a distinctive notification that sit above everyday internal activity
  • Monitor staff safety, staff can check-in and confirm that they are safe during an emergency or if they need help
  • Provide appropriate guidance during a site-wide emergency, such as a lock-down or evacuation

Find out how teamSOS can help improve communications, and handle incidents in your school


teamSOS has the ability to be a messaging, crisis management, first aid response service, and more – we use it for all of those things.


James Crump

Headteacher, Heron Way School


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