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teamSOS's innovative features enable staff to handle live incidents seamlessly and rapidly, facilitating best case scenario outcomes - every time.
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2-taps to Call for Help      Innovative & Intuitive 2-way comms     Guidance-in-the-moment       Robust Instant Evidencing 

teamSOS does things differently. Our innovative incident management app gives all users the ability to report an emergency situation from any device. Designed to save time, our intuitive features streamline emergency handling from end-to-end – safeguarding, informing & empowering staff.

Report & Triage

With TeamSOS, you’re only ever two taps away from alerting the right responders. Our intuitive home screen allows swift incident reporting, from any device, with auto-escalation failsafes to ensure no SOS call goes unanswered. Real-time triage capabilities enable rapid adaptations as the situation evolves, and automatically shares critical information, including location, to the responders.

Leverage Smart Buttons for an alternative way to raise an alert – worn on a lanyard or hidden in fixed locations.

Communicate dynamically

When an incident arises, raise it in TeamSOS for instant 2-way communication with the right responder groups. Harness the power of live audio broadcasts for swift updates, utilise voice-to-text for rapid documentation, and leverage camera and video capabilities to provide an immersive, real-time picture of the situation.

Inform & Instruct

Keep everyone on the same page as a situation evolves.
Announcements let you instantly broadcast updates to groups or all staff from within the incident, ensuring all staff are informed and instructed every step of the way.
Responders can rapidly understand the bigger picture on the ground with recipient response requests, including the ability for recipients to mark themselves as OK or NOT OK.
Live real-time response summaries means all responders are informed up-to-the-minute.

Guidance in-the-moment 

In high-stress situations, policy and procedures can be forgotten. With teamSOS, your staff can act precisely as your organisation intends, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Whether it’s invacuation or evacuation protocols, our system auto-fetches and provides interactive access to your organisation’s policies and guidance in real-time, supporting your staff to act correctly when it matters most – with in-incident visibility of actions taken.

Instant Rich-Media Evidence Reporting

Access valuable insights from rich, media-embedded post-incident reports. Ready-to-share with stakeholders or authorities, these comprehensive reviews include audio from live broadcasts, timestamps, guidance interactions, and more, providing detailed insight into what happened, and what could be done better next time.

We don’t just stop at emergencies. teamSOS transforms your response to every-kind of incident with our innovative features, including:

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