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Case study - Secondary School

The Derby High School

Find our how a secondary school in Bury unlocked new ways to coach staff development and empower them to de-escalate situations, improving behaviour and standards across the school by changing their on-call and incident response processes to teamSOS.

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Case study - Primary School

Heron Way Primary School

An inspiring example of how a Primary School replaced radios with teamSOS and revolutionised their on-call incident management processes, sped up their response times and improved staff and student safety and well-being.

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Case study - Secondary School

Felixstowe School

Simply by changing their approach to on-call and incident response processes, a secondary school in Suffolk is improving staff and student safety, driving up attendance and maximising teaching and learning time in the classroom.

The future of incident response in schools and trusts

teamSOS is a unique on-call solution that works across desktop, tablet, mobile and even a help button that can sit on a lanyard. Designed to safeguard your staff and students during an incident, teamSOS brings the right teams together to ensure incidents are dealt with quickly and effectively.

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