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The incident response app with innovative 2-way comms tools that accelerate resolution whilst automatically evidencing & supporting staff in-the-moment.
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With teamSOS, everyone in your organisation can have access to a GDPR compliant on-call incident management & response platform to record incidents and alert the relevant people, no longer relying on radios, texts or phone calls.


Support staff wellbeing both on and off-site with lone workers being able to summon help from anywhere.


Our services are used by clients from a wide range of industries, including the casino industry. Online casinos have revolutionized the gambling industry, bringing the thrill of placing bets and winning jackpots right to our fingertips. But with this convenience also comes the need for robust security measures to protect both players and operators. That’s where teamSOS on-call incident management and response platform comes in. teamSOS provides online casinos like https://topcasinosuisse.com/en/real-money-casino/ with a powerful tool to effectively manage any incidents that may arise. From technical glitches to security breaches, this platform allows operators to swiftly respond, minimize disruptions, and ensure seamless gameplay for their customers. The 24/7 on-call support team is always ready at a moment’s notice, providing an added layer of reassurance for both players and casino management alike. With teamSOS by their side, online casinos can count on prompt resolution of any issues that may occur during gameplay.


My staff feel reassured that if they need advice or help, their colleagues are just a click away. As a company owner, not only am I better protecting my employees, but I know our policies, procedures, and internal communications are all in one place.

Steven Hinkley-Jones, COO

The innovative & affordable app providing state-of-the-art SOS incident response, whilst optimising every-day operations & empowering your workforce

Reassure staff that help is at hand

teamSOS is designed to give your staff the confidence needed to deal with incidents quickly and effectively.

  • Empower your staff with a simple way to ‘call for help’ from any device or a clickable button
  • Calls for help immediately alert the appropriate response team
  • Use the latest in-app ‘push to talk’ technology to stay connected during an incident

Ensure policies & procedures are followed

When the unexpected happens, policies, procedures and protocols can be forgotten. teamSOS supports organisations to anticipate worst-case scenarios and put practical, intuitive support into the hands of every member of staff.

  • Create in-app task lists to ensure that your procedures are followed for every incident
  • Point staff to the in-app first-aid videos they can follow until the right help arrives
  • Review how an incident was handled with one-page incident summaries

Cut through the noise to reach all staff

In an urgent situation, or when you need to reach as many staff as possible, internal messages can be missed. If there is the requirement for lockdown or evacuation, leaders can use teamSOS Announcements to cut through the noise of everyday internal activity, ensuring all staff quickly know what is happening.

  • Create announcements that trigger a distinctive notification that sit above everyday internal activity
  • Monitor staff safety, staff can check-in and confirm that they are safe during an emergency or if they need help
  • Provide appropriate guidance during a site-wide emergency, such as a lock-down or evacuation

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A messaging, crisis management, first aid response service,

& more – we use it for all of those things.

James Crump, Headteacher, Heron Way School

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