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The future of incident response in schools and trusts

teamSOS is a unique on-call solution that works across desktop, tablet, mobile and even a help button that can sit on a lanyard. Designed to safeguard your staff and students during an incident, teamSOS brings the right teams together to ensure incidents are dealt with quickly and effectively.

A unique on-call solution for schools and trusts
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Reassure staff that
help is at hand

Put a simple ‘call for help’ button in the hands of all staff linking them to the appropriate response team in seconds.
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Ensure correct procedures
are followed

In-app task lists and first aid videos to help teams during an incident ensuring best-practice under pressure.
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Cut through the noise
to reach all staff

Instant notifications of incidents and urgent announcements that sit above everyday internal activity.

Ready to find out more?

Ready to find out more?

A unique on-call solution for schools and trusts

Reassure staff that help is at hand

School staff face many challenges every day, from behaviour/disruption through to real emergency situations that can often leave them feeling vulnerable. teamSOS is designed to give your staff the confidence and reassurance they need to deal with incidents quickly and effectively.

  • A simple way to ‘call for help’ from any device or a clickable button
  • Calls for help immediately alert the appropriate response team
  • Use the latest in-app ‘push to talk’ technology to stay connected during an incident

Ensure policies and procedures are followed

When the unexpected happens, policies, procedures and protocols can be forgotten. teamSOS supports schools, trusts and LAs to anticipate worst-case scenarios and put practical, intuitive support into the hands of every member of staff.

  • Create in-app task lists to ensure that your procedures are followed for every incident
  • Point staff to the in-app first-aid videos they can follow until the right help arrives
  • Review how an incident was handled with one-page incident summaries
  • CPOMS integration coming soon: ensure that safeguarding incidents are stored against pupil records

Cut through the noise to reach all staff

In an urgent situation, or when you need to reach as many staff as possible, internal messages can be missed. If there is a positive COVID result, the requirement for lockdown or evacuation, leaders can use teamSOS Announcements to cut through the noise of everyday internal activity, ensuring all staff quickly know what is happening.

  • Create announcements that trigger a distinctive notification that sit above everyday internal activity
  • Monitor staff safety, staff can check-in and confirm that they are safe during an emergency or if they need help
  • Provide appropriate guidance during a site-wide emergency, such as a lock-down or evacuation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our school has a no mobile phone policy, can teamSOS overcome this?

Staff can ‘call for help’ using the app on a mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop or using our configurable personal panic buttons that can sit on a lanyard or bunch of keys. Responders, typically SLT and site staff, who are away from their desks use mobile phones or tablets to receive the distinctive ‘call for help’ notifications.


How does teamSOS compare to a walkie-talkie?

teamSOS is smarter, it uses the latest push-to-talk technology, putting walkie-talkie style functionality in the hands of every staff member. In addition, the speech-to-text technology records a complete history of the conversation, not something walkie-talkies offer. teamSOS doesn’t suffer from range limitations, quality of audio and sends your message only to the staff involved in the incident.


We use Teams/Google to manage our incident response, what’s different about teamSOS?

teamSOS has been developed by educationalists who understand how schools and trusts operate. The app understands the different skills and experience needed for each incident type and notifies the appropriate response teams. In addition, the in-app task lists and help videos, covering the most common medical emergencies in schools, ensure correct procedures are followed and appropriate first aid given until help arrives.

We use WhatsApp to communicate internally, why shouldn’t we continue to use it?

Whilst WhatsApp is a convenient tool that met the needs of schools in a pandemic, WhatsApp is very clear in its terms and conditions that it is not a professional communication tool and shouldn’t be used for business purposes. If your school is using it to discuss school business you are compromising your ability to comply with the GDPR as you have no control over your data. teamSOS ensures your data is protected and that you can immediately remove access to the app when staff leave school.


We have quite a few lone workers, does teamSOS work for them?

Absolutely! The app on a mobile and the personal panic button are perfect for lone workers such as education welfare visitors and site staff working out of hours. It reassures them help is at hand if they need it and they can discretely call for help if they feel vulnerable.


How do the personal panic buttons work?

In-school, the button can be configured to trigger a ‘call for help’ linked to the SLT response team; outside of school, the button can be used as a personal panic alarm to trigger an alert to a personal ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact. Flexible configuration options allow the buttons to be associated with a member of staff and connected through their phone or tablet, or associated with an area of the school, like a classroom, a hall or playground, and connected via a central hub. 

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