Safeguarding and medical emergencies

Safeguarding concerns and medical emergencies are incidents that demand a rapid, audited response to protect the child involved. teamSOS is specifically designed to safeguard staff and students during any type of incident, ensuring the right help is sent to the scene and the right advice provided first time, every time. teamSOS stores the evidence every step taken to manage and resolve the incident and writes this back to the school safeguarding software helping schools comply with the KCSIE 2021 record keeping requirements.

A unique on-call solution for schools and trusts

Why teamSOS?

teamSOS can revolutionise the way you prepare for, respond to, manage and evidence safeguarding and medical emergency incidents across your school or Trust.

Improves staff confidence

Ensures staff feel safer, happier, better supported, and more confident when dealing with a concern or incident –  aiding staff retention

Maximises teaching and learning

Faster, more focussed response and resolution timescales maximise teaching and learning by significantly reducing classroom disruption

Keeps key staff in the loop

With anytime, anywhere access from any device all relevant responders can be kept in the loop even when not onsite.

Reduces parental complaints

Close the gap on parental complaints by capturing immutable evidence of a situation as it happens

Enhances existing safeguarding provisions

Helping ensure you comply with KCSIE 2021 record keeping requirements and OfSTED emergency planning, response and safeguarding requirements at all stages of your planning and response

Effective, evidenced safeguarding

teamSOS makes it easier and simpler to record effective and evidenced safeguarding concerns, reducing administrative burdens around incident management, escalation, and reporting

Maintains consistency

Continually improve the consistency and quality of your response with easy access to your policies and procedures, and best practice guidance provided by leading industry partners

Privacy first approach

Puts privacy at the heart of your school’s on-call response, avoiding indiscriminate broadcast technologies like radios

Heron Way Primary School replaces radios with teamSOS

Heron Way Primary School replaced radios with teamSOS

An inspiring example of how a Primary School revolutionised their on-call incident management processes, sped up their response
times and improved staff and student safety and well-being.

Free trial for every school

A great opportunity to see for yourself how teamSOS will work in your school and even show your colleagues how easy it is to use and all the great features it comes with!


Peace of mind for every school

Our no-obligation, free access demo accounts allow you to trial teamSOS with no obligation to purchase so you can rest assured you're making the right decision for your school before you commit.

Rapid reporting and response

  • A simple and effective way for all staff to ‘call for help’ and raise urgent safeguarding concerns with evidence
  • Request colleagues help or advice via Windows app, mobile or tablet for everyday incidents through to serious emergencies, or use our Bluetooth personal panic buttons
  • Multiple response team escalation paths, ensuring the right colleagues respond quickly
  • All the functionality of a radio without the risks – go hands free with our push-to-talk technology and real-time transcription, ensuring greater privacy than radios and helping you build evidence and audit timeline
A unique on-call solution for schools and trusts

In-the-moment support for everyone involved

  • Constant connection to response teams reassures staff at the scene that help is on its way
  • In-the-moment and post incident guidance, with customisable task lists based on your policies and procedures
  • In-app first-aid videos to support staff until a first aider or emergency services arrive
  • Easily escalate to additional responders or teams within your organisation to ensure the right people are kept informed as a situation develops
  • Rapidly notify all staff of urgent safeguarding concerns and receive acknowledgement of receipt

Whole-school preparation and accountability

  • Practise mode ensures preparedness and staff awareness  helping refine your incident management processes
  • Tracks incident types across your organisation, evidencing your response and helping you support the staff who need it the most
  • Automatically export incidents and evidence to your existing safeguarding platform such as CPOMS and MyConcern with just a few taps, improving your 360 view of a student
  • Supports KCSIE record keeping requirements and OfSTED emergency planning, response and safeguarding from wherever you are
  • Circulate your latest safeguarding plans, procedures and policies directly in the teamSOS app so they are always at your staff’s fingertips in a bitesize format

    Yes, it’s a crisis management

    … but it’s also provided us with a great tool for staff to just share feelings, thoughts and even jokes throughout the week. It’s a good conduit for building the team and giving everybody reassurance that they’re not working in isolation, there is a team around them.

    James Crump, Heron Way Primary School

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