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Reimagining school communications for the 21st century


Radios have been the cornerstone of school communication systems for many years, yet educators know all too well of the limitations they bring. With issues like limited range, signal interference, inability to manage multiple conversations, lack of privacy and security, absence of evidence, costly and outdated equipment, and limited access, they hardly make for an efficient and reliable system in today’s complex educational environments. 

teamSOS is the dynamic communications solution designed with the needs of schools and trusts in mind. Understanding the every-day complexities and critical demands of schools, teamSOS has pioneered the next-generation of every-day and emergency incident management, with an all-device accessible app that replaces traditional handheld radio systems entirely – with every member of staff equipped with powerful tools like Live Audio Broadcasting, Voice-to-Text (voice notes with a text translation), every-day Chat Messaging, and streamlined and customisable 2-tap incident reporting capabilities from the Call for Help home screen.

Read on for more info about how teamSOS’s innovation empowers staff and drives a “transformative impact” in schools.

Replace radios with dynamic communications features including Live Audio Broadcast

Democratised access – All Devices, All Staff, from Anywhere

Increase efficiency & speed of response during incidents with our Call For Help feature

School-wide insight for SLT’s including integrated Evidence reporting

How teamSOS does it…

Communicate Dynamically

Live Audio Broadcast, Voice-to-Text Dictation & Messaging

Within Incident Channels and across Chat groups, all users can access our comprehensive communications features to communicate appropriately, dynamically & securely – be that the staff on playground duty touching base, critical communications in an emergency situation, or discretion in a sensitive one. Say goodbye to single channel mayhem, limited access and privacy concerns.


A walkie-talkie for the 21st century

Effective & Democratised Support for staff

teamSOS is available on any and all devices – including the web. All staff members are able to access & utilise teamSOS’s powerful tools – with the necessary support, right at their fingertips – from anywhere – regardless of range or role. With no data being stored locally, all communications are 100% GDPR compliant.

Get Help Fast, 
All staff,
All devices,
From anywhere

Call for Help and reach the right people – instantly.  When staff need to report an incident, our ‘Call for Help’ screen, accessible via any device, streamlines the process. Two taps are all it takes to open a 2-way incident channel with the appropriate responders, with an instant brief – who needs help, what for, and where. Smart buttons provide an alternative and discreet way to sound the alarm in emergencies.

Tailored and customisable incident categories mean you can target focus areas and collect data against them whilst driving improvement. ‘Response’ fail-safes are built in for time-sensitive incidents that need immediate intervention – with automatic escalation looping in additional appropriate responders, so no-one is ever left stranded.


                               Instant Evidencing Capabilities


teamSOS captures and records all incident data, including live audio broadcasts, providing a veritable record for post-incident reviews and actionable insights. No more relying on staff memory or fragmented information for post-incident reporting.

teamSOS integrates with key providers such as MyConcern and CPOMS, so our reporting can flow seamlessly into your partner systems – eradicating double-work, the risk of missed or lost information, and the need to write reports.


Unparalleled Leadership Visibility

teamSOS provides powerful and comprehensive insight. With a live dashboard monitor, leadership knows what is happening school-wide, right now – with the ability to monitor situations in real-time, and contribute advice or support for any incident, as & when – no matter where they are.


Pinpoint priorities & showcase improvements

Dashboard views means SLT’s have instant insight into patterns over time and can make informed decisions about how to improve – to not only handle incidents but reduce the frequency of them.

With customisable incident categories, schools can intentionally address priority interests & have the data to hand to demonstrate and prove improvements over time.

What our users say about teamSOS….

  Reduce wasted on-call time and free up staff resource


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