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HeronWay Primary School replaced radios with teamSOS

Monitoring Software

Ensuring safeguarding alerts do not fall between the gaps.

Many schools use safeguarding, filtering, and monitoring software systems, ensuring that students are protected from harm with genuine, real-time content-aware and granular control web filtering.

These systems provide sophisticated tools and reporting, often using AI and specialist human moderators to identify and notifies schools of any safeguarding risks including radicalisation, suicide, and self-harm and risks to others. Notifications are generally received as emails to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) in the school.

Schools traditionally receive alerts from the system, usually via email or phone, depending on the services selected. teamSOS works with the leading providers of safeguarding filtering and monitoring software in the UK to ensure that alerts are dealt with safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Early identification of a risk means early intervention is possible which improves student outcomes. Staff need to respond to alerts as quickly as possible to maximise their effectiveness – something which is not always possible with email notifications. 

teamSOS integrates with monitoring software to better manage responses to incidents through the on-call app workflows. Schools can now automatically raise alerts as teamSOS incidents and co-ordinate staff responses through the app, rather than relying on emails or phone calls.

Heron Way Primary School replaces radios with teamSOS

teamSOS is the simple incident response system that puts help into the hands of all staff to resolve every type of incident quickly and effectively, including violation alerts. 

• Ideal for lockdowns, Alerts notify staff, quickly established if they are OK/Not OK. Two-way communication for advice and guidance.
• Remove the “squawky talkie” and outdated radio technology and replace with modern push to talk communications on your existing devices – desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile enabling all staff to communicate with each other using voice or text. teamSOS automatically records the evidence too.
• Set up groups of staff to resolve different types of incidents and let teamSOS do the work for you, automatically triaging to the right team and notifying those on the rota with alerts to their devices. teamSOS then co-ordinates the response.
• Automatically create violation incidents in teamSOS. Incidents will be notified to the on-call team members on duty, the response tracked and if needed, escalated, to ensure those at risk of harm get the help they need.


Email alerts have their limitations. It requires a member of staff to be monitoring an inbox and spot these critical emails amongst many others they may be sent. If the staff member is away from their desk, busy elsewhere, on leave or off sick, the school is vulnerable to missing critical alerts, leaving children vulnerable to harm.

Two schools that used both a monitoring and safeguarding alerting system and teamSOS were chosen to pilot using teamSOS to notify staff and resolve incidents. During the pilot period a range of alerts types were triggered:

Heron Way Primary School replaces radios with teamSOS
Each alert created an incident in teamSOS which notified the right staff and ensured it was resolved quickly and efficiently.

Sybil Andrews Academy is already using teamSOS to manage a range of incidents in the school, such as behaviour, truancy, and general calls for help.

Prior to using teamSOS, Violation notifications would be picked up by the Trust’s central IT Team who contacted the Designated Safeguarding Lead for further action. With teamSOS, an incident is automatically created, and the Academy gets a teamSOS notification immediately when the monitoring software triggers a concern. teamSOS triages and notifies the relevant Staff.

This has been particularly useful as staff can swiftly deal with these, sometimes, within minutes of being notified of them on teamSOS. The reporting tool on teamSOS also provides a useful summary for the DSL, Heads of Year and SLT to understand trends with Students, Year Groups and lessons, depending on when the notification comes through
Chris Handley

Sybil Andrews Academy

School holidays are difficult to manage when school-owned devices are loaned out to the school community and Monitoring software is picking up alerts 24/7.

All staff need a well-deserved break, and the solution works harmoniously by only notifying staff of high category levels, indicating a threat to life, against a staff holiday rota. The response hunt group further enhances the system by sending a notification to an alternative responding group should the initial team be unavailable for whatever reason. This ensures all incidents are responded to and no incident falls into a blackhole, keeping children safe from harm online.

The integration of Level 5 and 4 alerts with teamSOS has been beneficial as these are flagged up straight away to the most appropriate people. Using teamSOS means that you are constantly alerted until someone responds to the concern. The information is there and available for you to access straight away. You can also alert particular staff if you have a rota system that you use.”
Charlotte D’Oyly

Greenwood Academy

The school’s advice for other schools considering teamSOS

Paul continues to say “We would definitely recommend teamSOS to other schools. We think the system is very simplistic to use and gives staff confidence knowing that the on-call team will be on hand in minutes. We have seen how teamSOS has dramatically reduced our response times and provides us with a much improved on-call incident management solution, so we would highly recommend it”.

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