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TeamSOS, the lone worker solution provider, safeguarding and empowering staff with a support network in their pocket

What we do

The teamSOS app keeps lone workers safe with state-of-the art SOS incident management capabilities. Our all-device compatibility means every member of your workforce is kept in the loop without the need to purchase additional tech.

teamSOS’s affordable and scaleable solution goes above and beyond traditional SOS providers, offering centralised incident management records, dynamic reporting and evidence capture, and a full suite of features that maximise efficiency for day-to-day operations.


teamSOS provides superior SOS incident management features and day-to-day issue triage. 

Our SOS features are engineered for efficiency and intuitivity. In two clicks a lone worker can send out an SOS, complete with a brief on the incident, to the right team.

  • SOS’s are automatically triaged, eliminating the need for an expensive 24/7 call centre or a dedicated office employee.
  • GPS location is automatically shared.
  • Instant audio broadcasting means responders know what’s happening in the moment.
  • Silent SOS capabilities mean workers can call for help whilst remaining discreet.
  • We even provide personal panic buttons that can be worn on a lanyard or in a pocket – so lone workers know they can call for help instantly and easily if they need to.

teamSOS’s Call For Help feature minimises back and forth and maximises productivity.

teamSOS Call For Help enables lone workers to receive assistance when facing non emergency issues that’ll slow down their ability to get the job done.

Touch base dynamically with teamSOS Messaging. 

teamSOS Messaging uses two-way communications features so you can interact with your employees in real-time. Built in audio functionality with audio broadcast and voice-to-text alongside traditional text capabilities mean communication is fluid and dynamic – replacing the need for walkie talkies entirely.

Lightning responses are available making check-ins and updates incredibly easy during the day to day when employees are off-site.

Monitor and optimise your organisation from the top down with teamSOS Evidence Reporting

teamSOS allows for ultimate visibility with our detailed Evidence Reporting. Capture and export detailed incident logs with audio and message timelines built in. These automated digital paper trails can be used to evaluate incident resolution, corroborate employee actions and compliance, identify trends and patterns, and so much more. We’re even able to integrate into existing management toolsets. 

teamSOS Evidence Reporting lets leadership maintain the highest level of oversight – all from one place, with zero additional admin time or paperwork required. 

Cut through the noise with instant teamSOS Announcements.

teamSOS Announcements allow users to send a notification to users, and collate the response in real time. Announcements are perfect for quick-time information gathering for shift organisation efforts, questions, requests for advice, and sharing important updates. Senders are even able to attach content to Announcements, making new policy updates and company guidance easier than ever to distribute.

Uphold policy and ensure consistent action across employees easily with teamSOS Guidance.

teamSOS hosts your content in-app for everything from playbooks, to videos, to interactive checklists. This means lone workers have access to everything from daily task instructions through to your company policies – everything they need to get the job done correctly and uphold the highest standards on behalf of employers.

teamSOS acts as a virtual colleague providing in-hand resources to support staff in-the-moment. Employers can monitor content progress and uptake and know employees are up-to-the-minute – even for new and temp staff, making onboarding easier than ever.

We even offer Lone Worker Content Packs to get you started – covering a range of topics including: Incident Response, GDPR, Cyber Security, and support for Using teamSOS.

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