Community Health and Social Care

teamSOS shines in the Care sector with end-to-end support

What we do

teamSOS is a ground-breaking communications solution that supports your care organisation’s daily operations while protecting your staff and clients, both in residential settings and in the community.

Our unique tools enable top-tier patient care and offer dynamic operational oversight with thorough evidence capturing—all while upholding 100% GDPR compliance.

teamSOS integrates with a multitude of existing platforms and is tailored to your organisation for a custom solution that fits your needs.


teamSOS facilitates smart communication across employees, enabling dynamic communication and effective triage – both on and off site:

    • At Patient level
    • Department level
    • On-call employees
    • New starters
    • Speciality groups – medically trained, fire wardens 
    • All staff, Senior leadership, individuals

Touch base dynamically with teamSOS Messaging

teamSOS Messaging incorporates instant audio broadcast capabilities (replacing walkie talkies – entirely) and voice-to-text functionality – for ease-of-use for employees with their hands full.

Lightning responses can be configured, so that within groups, users can record key information in 1-click, such as:

    • Patient has eaten
    • Patient is in a good mood
    • Patient is exhibiting confusion (known condition)

teamSOS safeguards your staff

On the job, care workers deal with a wide range of incidents, including difficult resident behaviour, patient accidents, and medical emergencies. Our SOS feature means that with just a few clicks, your staff can quickly send a request for assistance to the appropriate parties along with a brief on the incident at hand. Knowing that help is on the way allows your staff to remain present in the moment. 

Uphold policy and ensure consistent action across employees easily with teamSOS Guidance.

teamSOS goes even further with the ability to track the uptake AND progress of content across staff. Content is hosted in-app under the Guidance section, and monitors employee progress.

View centrally at a high level and know that your staff are up-to-the-minute at a glance – with the ability to catch and correct knowledge gaps. No more ‘missed emails’. On-board new staff with exceptional efficiency.

teamSOS even provides pre-loaded Care content packs to get you started, covering a multitude of subjects, including Cyber Security, SafeGuarding, Crisis Management, GDPR, and support for using teamSOS.

teamSOS allows for ultimate visibility with our detailed Evidence Reporting.

Create and export reports on all teamSOS activity. Instantly assess patient care records, every-day incidents and SOS incident response, employee content uptake, and so much more. Evaluate performance, identify trends, collate information, and maintain the highest level of oversight – all from one place, with zero additional admin time or paperwork required.

Cut through the noise with instant teamSOS Announcements.

teamSOS Announcements allow users to send a notification to users, and collate the response in real time – perfect for quick-time information gathering for shift/rota organisation, urgent questions, requests for advice, and sharing important updates:

The last few years have shown us just how quickly things can change on the ground. teamSOS Announcements can be used to distribute content – articles, documents, links, guidance, interactive checklists, policies, anything your staff needs to know right now.

Confirmed receipts mean you can rest assured it’s been seen – so you can move on to the next task at hand.

teamSOS works across all devices, integrating into tech that is already around you.

We even provide dual purpose configurable smart buttons which can be worn on a lanyard – perfect for your employees on the ground.

In the case of a patient accident, or safety concern, employees can hit the button and the alarm is raised to the appropriate members to help—immediately sharing GPS location.

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