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Ensuring Safety, Support, and Continuity for colleges with

Site Safety

Our advanced incident management system streamlines the process of reporting and resolving safety concerns, from minor incidents to critical emergencies. This not only safeguards the physical campus but also fosters a secure atmosphere conducive to learning and growth. (PREVENT AGENDA LINK TO MASS COMMS (NSN, and others)


Student Safety

teamSOS enhances the well-being of students by providing rapid response mechanisms for any situation, whether it’s a mental or physical health concern, a safety threat, or a safeguarding concern. This real-time intervention is crucial in creating a nurturing environment where students can thrive.

Staff Support

Our platform empowers staff with the tools and resources needed for efficient incident management across campuses of any size. From seamless communication to instant access to your college’s protocols (compliance!!!) teamSOS supports staff in acting swiftly and confidently, ensuring they can focus on what they do best – educating and supporting students.
(Behaviour Management, attendance, pastoral support)

Continuity & Monitoring

By ensuring quick resolution of incidents teamSOS helps to minimise disruptions to the institution. In scenarios where IT infrastructure is compromised, teamSOS remains fully functional. If access to a building is lost, teamSOS’s mobile capability ensures that the control centre is always within reach, enabling staff to manage incidents from any location, on and off site (lone worker) (multi-site) (at home visits) (evidencing)


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Martyn’s Law Compliance: Proactive Safety Assurance

In alignment with Martyn’s Law, teamSOS provides a proactive approach to safety, ensuring colleges are prepared for, and can effectively handle, any unforeseen emergencies. Our system’s comprehensive features are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of this important legislation, providing peace of mind to both the institution and its community. With teamSOS, your college can…

Execute continuous compulsory risk assessments to identify threats & vulnerabilities

Demonstrate comprehensive security plans are in place

Plan and run drills for emergency evacuation procedures

Provide training for staff in recognising and responding to potential security threats (distribution)

Regular security audits to ensure continued compliance and effectiveness of security measures

Implementation of appropriate physical security measures (smart buttons)

Coordination across sites from mobile – sharing with police

“Do your staff feel supported?”

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“Behaviour xyz?” – xyz


Join the growing number of educational institutions transforming their incident management with teamSOS. Discover a new era of safety, support, and continuity in college education….

Get Help Fast, 
All staff,
All devices,
From anywhere


With our unique ‘Call for Help’ screen, accessible via any device, teamSOS simplifies the reporting process. Two taps are all it takes to open a 2-way incident channel with the appropriate responders, with an instant brief – who needs help, what for, and where. Smart buttons provide an alternative and discreet way to sound the alarm in emergencies.

Customisable incident categories target your priority concerns and collect data against them whilst driving improvement.

‘Response’ fail-safes are built in for time-sensitive incidents that need immediate intervention.

Communicate Dynamically

Access teamSOS via any and all devices – including the web. Give all staff access to our powerful tools – with the necessary support, right at their fingertips. teamSOS fosters a supportive school environment & improves outcomes, ultimately leading to a more harmonious learning atmosphere – enhancing staff confidence, effectiveness & well-being. 

Equip staff with our full suite of GDPR compliant communications features. Replace radios for good with Live-audio broadcast capabilities.
Voice-to-text allows for discreet dictation and evidencing.
Chat functionality allows for silent comms. All recorded securely for later review.

Unparalleled Leadership Visibility


teamSOS provides powerful and comprehensive insight for senior leadership. With a live dashboard monitor, leadership knows what is happening school-wide, right now – with the ability to monitor situations in real-time as they unfold, and contribute advice or support for any incident, as and when.


Instant Evidencing Capabilities


teamSOS’s detailed and rich reporting capabilities allow leadership to instantly review individual incidents, identify trends across the school, and formulate proactive strategies – all the information you need at your fingertips to make data-driven decisions that boost your colleges performance. 

Case Study

Heron Way Primary School replaced radios with teamSOS

The Derby High School

A secondary school in Bury has unlocked new ways to coach staff development and empower them to de-escalate situations, improving behaviour and standards across the school by changing their on-call and incident response processes to teamSOS


In the Derby High School case study, teamSOS significantly enhanced incident management and staff collaboration. By integrating advanced features like automated triaging, real-time response, and efficient communication systems, teamSOS enabled staff to address behavioural issues more proactively and discreetly. This led to improved response times and more effective handling of incidents, contributing to a calmer school environment. It also allowed for a better analysis of incident types and frequencies, aiding in strategic decision-making and staff development.


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