teamSOS helping improve behaviour in schools with app innovation

Empower staff with the ability to alert and mobilise on-call teams within seconds from our app, available on any device, and now also directly from the call-for-help panel in SIMS.

Quicker intervention and support prevent behavioural incidents from escalating, serving as a powerful deterrent to students. Increase staff confidence knowing they will be heard when they need advice, back-up, or urgent SLT intervention. Improve attendance with immediate interventions for truancy. teamSOS facilitates real-time dialogue and support, enabled by features like live audio broadcasts, for effective staff collaboration. Eliminate post-incident write ups with instant incident reports, now seamlessly re-uploading to student records in SIMS. Enhance leadership insights with custom reporting and dashboards, empowering you to identify behavioural & attendance patterns more effectively.

“How has teamSOS impacted behaviour in your school, is your life easier?”

It’s made a massive difference… huge. I’m an advocate, I think it’s brilliant” – Jo Rose

“We very rarely miss things now. It’s allowed us to be reactive, quickly, and then in turn… proactive” – James Mason

Reduce on-call times
with built-in response

Target & address your schools areas of concern

Staff members reach the right support instantly & never go unanswered

 Real-time dashboards & detailed incident timelines for ultimate oversight & learnings

now writes back behaviour incidents & evidence to SIMS and Bromcom!

Get Help Fast, 
All staff,
All devices,
From anywhere


With our unique ‘Call for Help’ screen, accessible via any device, teamSOS simplifies the reporting process. Two taps are all it takes to open a 2-way incident channel with the appropriate responders, with an instant brief – who needs help, what for, and where. Smart buttons provide an alternative and discreet way to sound the alarm in emergencies.

Customisable incident categories target your priority concerns and collect data against them whilst driving improvement.

‘Response’ fail-safes are built in for time-sensitive incidents that need immediate intervention.

Communicate Dynamically

Access teamSOS via any and all devices – including the web. Give all staff access to our powerful tools – with the necessary support, right at their fingertips. teamSOS fosters a supportive school environment & improves outcomes, ultimately leading to a more harmonious learning atmosphere – enhancing staff confidence, effectiveness & well-being. 

Equip staff with our full suite of GDPR compliant communications features. Replace radios for good with Live-audio broadcast capabilities.
Voice-to-text allows for discreet dictation and evidencing.
Chat functionality allows for silent comms. All recorded securely for later review.

Unparalleled Leadership Visibility


teamSOS provides powerful and comprehensive insight for senior leadership. With a live dashboard monitor, leadership knows what is happening school-wide, right now – with the ability to monitor situations in real-time as they unfold, and contribute advice or support for any incident, as and when.


Instant Evidencing Capabilities


teamSOS’s detailed and rich reporting capabilities allow leadership to instantly review individual incidents, identify trends across the school, and formulate proactive strategies – all the information you need at your fingertips to make data-driven decisions that boost your school’s performance.

Our integration with other leading providers means reporting can be seamlessly uploaded to other systems. Our partners


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