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At teamSOS we are on a mission to harness modern communication technologies to change the way incidents are managed every day, reassuring staff so that they know what to do, are kept safe and informed. 

Being able to access instant help from others, alongside advice and step by step guides, teamSOS ensures that the “in the moment” response is the best it can be.  The tool ensures swift resolution during any type of incident from emergencies to every day calls for help, support and guidance.   

A unique on-call solution for schools and trusts

We have a history of innovation

Our founders Lawrence & Joanne Royston and Alex Felton previously founded GroupCall, and Lynne Taylor founded ParentPay.  They were the first to see the possibilities of reliable communication between school and home using text messages, parent payment apps to stop the hunt for change for dinner money, and automating extraction and translation connectivity to take the hassle out of sharing data. 

Noticing the issues with using walkie-talkies, pagers, emails, personal messaging apps and phone calls for communication of incidents in schools, and the difficulties with tracking and reporting incident patterns, an idea was formed.

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