Meet teamSOS – the modern, compliant, cost-effective and discreet way for school staff to communicate with each other when it matters the most

The future of incident response in schools and trusts


teamSOS is a unique on-call solution that works across desktop, tablet, mobile and even a help button that can sit on a lanyard. Designed to safeguard your staff and students during an incident, teamSOS brings the right teams together to ensure incidents are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Help is at hand

Cut through the noise to reach all staff

Ensure policies and procedures are followed

Optimise staff safety and wellbeing

Enhance your safeguarding provision

Try teamSOS for free – the modern, compliant, cost-effective and discreet way to remotely communicate with school staff.

“Solutions in schools need to be simple and seamless, and to me teamSOS was effective enough that even the novice could understand how to use it and feel supported” 

Chris Handley, Head of RPE | Head of Geography, Sybil Andrews Academy


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