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Walkie talkies are pretty commonplace in schools but you may as well be using a loudspeaker, a pair of tin cans with string, or a message in a bottle…

Walkie talkie technology was not designed for school environments. While schools may have managed up to now using these types of radio hardware, increased safeguarding and GDPR policies, in particular, are highlighting key flaws with using this communication approach in the education sector.

Aside from being irritatingly squawky and adding to incessant noise in and around school – walkie talkies fail to meet several key requirements in schools:

❌   No privacy/confidentiality
❌   Do not meet GDPR
❌   No way to evidence/record calls as they happen
❌   Unreliable signal/potential interrupted frequencies
❌   Expensive to purchase/replace
❌   Not every teacher has one (how do you ensure all staff can call for help
quickly if only a select few members of staff have access to one?)
❌   Requires a separate member of staff to prioritise/triage calls (if this even happens at all)
❌   They run out of battery and it’s easy to forgot to keep them charged

Cut through the noise, speed up incident management and capture ‘in the moment’ evidence without compromising confidentiality with teamSOS – the on-call incident response app specifically for schools.

So why do schools still use walkie talkies?

The answer is simple. Up until now, no one has managed to come up with a better solution. Which is crazy when you think about it, because we’re all so used to instant, recorded digital request and response solutions in everyday life. If we can do it to order a pizza – why on earth not to request help from a colleague in school?

The solution itself is also very simple. An easy-to-use, compliant app that sits on any device (laptops, desktops, phones or a button on a lanyard). Completely silent, available for all staff to use with no training required or designated member of staff to triage calls. It’s like WhatsApp for incident management – only better.

Try teamSOS for free – the modern, compliant, cost-effective and discreet way to remotely communicate with school staff.

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