Meet teamSOS – tightening your behaviour management strategies with time critical incident response communication

Does the way you currently request help for behaviour management incidents look like this?

teamSOS gives every member of school staff a discreet, fast and reliable way to request and respond to a call for help when a behaviour incident takes place. No walkie talkies, no emails, no student ‘runners’.

A quick, compliant and confidential on-call incident response web app at every staff’s fingertips.

Our easy-to-use software also automatically logs, transcribes and securely stores details of all events and conversations as they take place for indisputable evidence that you can integrate into your existing reporting systems (e.g. MyConcern, CPOMs etc).

The hardest part of behaviour management is the part that happens ‘in the moment’ – the unpredictable, time critical events and conversations that take place. We help reduce the ‘unknown’ – resulting in more efficient use of resources during behaviour management incidents and greater peace of mind in school staff.

teamSOS enables safe, secure and rapid response management communications for:

  • Tighten behaviour management policies by integrating with your
    current systems
  • Improve confidentiality and GDPR around behaviour management
  • Enhance the safety of all staff when dealing with behaviour incidents
  • Provide ‘in the moment’ evidence and reporting – without impacting workload
  • Free up staff capacity with more efficient behaviour management

We’re offering all schools a free trial of teamSOS. It’s quick to get set up and as easy to use as WhatsApp. We’ll give you a quick run-through demo first, then help you get set up so you can start using it straight away.

If you love it, you get to keep it. Our subscriptions cost from £200 per year depending on the number of pupils you have on roll, with discounts given for multiple-year subscriptions. We don’t replace your current behaviour management systems; we tighten and improve the systems you already have by bringing things to your attention even quicker.

Bring the right help to the right people in the right place – even faster – when dealing with behaviour incidents in schools.

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