Emails are not an effective school incident response system.

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Emails are commonly used to report incidents and request help in schools, but we all know that with an overflowing inbox, urgent messages can get lost in the noise until it’s too late.

Emails are not suitable for reporting incidents. If you were in an emergency situation in ‘real life’, you wouldn’t just ping an email to the emergency services asking for help. You’d call 999, and through doing so you would feel reassured that your message had been received, and help was on the way.

So why if there’s a health concern in the school canteen, or you’ve been threatened in the corridor, or a situation has gone out of control in a classroom, would you just send an email? It doesn’t make sense.

This email reporting system fails to meet several key requirements in schools:

❌  Urgent messages get lost

❌  No confirmation that a message has been read

❌  No escalating of a report if the initial recipient misses the message

❌  Lack of efficient back and forth conversation 

❌   Requires a separate member of staff to prioritise/triage emails (if this even happens at all)

❌   If you need to send additional information, it can push the email down the priority list

Cut through the noise, speed up incident management and capture ‘in the moment’ evidence without compromising confidentiality with teamSOS – the on-call incident response app specifically for schools.

So why do schools still use emails?

The answer is simple. Up until now, no one has managed to come up with a better solution. Which is crazy when you think about it, because we’re all so used to instant, recorded digital request and response solutions in everyday life. If we can do it to order a pizza – why on earth not to request help from a colleague in school?

The solution itself is also very simple. An easy-to-use, compliant app that sits on any device (laptops, desktops, phones or a button on a lanyard). Completely silent, available for all staff to use with no training required or designated member of staff to triage calls. It’s like WhatsApp for incident management – only better.

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