Meet teamSOS – bringing greater peace of mind to school staff that someone is always there when they need help

“Put your own oxygen mask on first,” that’s what the old adage says. It’s no different in schools. Teachers and support staff must be made to feel that their safety and wellbeing matters. When school staff feel safe and supported, they can do their jobs more effectively and joyfully, and this has a direct knock on effect on the outcomes of all students.

We help teachers and school staff feel more safe with a fast, reliable and discreet way to communicate with each other ‘in the moment’ when it matters the most. A quick, compliant and confidential on-call incident response app at every staff’s fingertips.

Peace of mind comes from knowing there is backup and support when you ask for urgent assistance – and that starts with an immediate response from someone: “Help is on its way.”

That confidence and sense of security continues with clutter-free communication, triaging and prioritising support, and automatically recording everything for evidence should you need it. Maximising personal safety maximises teaching and learning.

teamSOS enables safe, secure and rapid response management communications for:

  • Behaviour incidents
  • Safeguarding incidents
  • Medical incidents
  • Intruder incidents
  • Parental/carer incidents
  • Lone-working incidents

When you need assistance or you’re responding to a call for help, we make sure someone’s got your back.

We’re offering all schools a free trial of teamSOS. It’s quick to get set up and as easy to use as WhatsApp. We’ll give you a quick run-through demo first, then help you get set up so you can start using it straight away.

If you love it, you get to keep it. Our subscriptions cost from £200 per year depending on the number of pupils you have on roll, with discounts given for multiple-year subscriptions.

Show every member of staff in your school that you take their safety and wellbeing seriously with a simple on-call incident response app that offers ultimate peace of mind.

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