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About TeamSOS

TeamSOS is a unique on-call app for schools designed to safeguard staff and students ‘in the moment’ during an incident. teamSOS works across desktop, tablet, mobile and even a help button that can sit on a lanyard to bring the right teams together, reassure staff that help is on hand and ensure policy and procedures are enacted as events unfold.

Crucially, teamSOS cuts through other noise, is quick, reliable and cost effective. Schools tell us that teamSOS has improved behaviour, attendance and classroom management leading to a safer and more effective school environment.

“The best thing for us about teamSOS is that it’s helping to provide context to a situation. The more we know, the better placed we are to identify somebody who may be nearer who can help sooner or is better suited to the student.

All staff have a cost, and if you have senior staff on-call who aren’t able to prioritise their workload then you are using that resource ineffectively

We deployed teamSOS across the school using existing devices so no investment was needed. We had buy-in immediately and as teamSOS is easy to use and available on any device staff felt the system was straightforward and uncomplicated. Just give it a go, that’s what convinced us!”

– The Derby High School

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