Did you know that NetSupport Notify integrates with teamSOS?!


Simple to implement and use, NetSupport Notify allows organisations to mass notify staff (and students) with one-way alerts that can’t be ignored or skipped – perfect for day-to-day communication and supporting emergency/lockdown procedures.

We’ve joined forces with NetSupport Notify’s powerful one-way mass notification system to offer an unmatched, end-to-end solution. Our partnership takes your emergency procedure one step further and allows you to not only effortlessly communicate and coordinate across all staff in an emergency – but to reach every person on-site via 1-way unmissable alerts to every computer screen in your school.

How does our partnership work?

Raise Incidents via teamSOS: Instantly alert the right response team for day-to-day issues and emergencies.

Coordinate in teamSOS: Use our 2-way comms features for efficient triage, co-ordination and response.

*NEW!* Mass Notify via NetSupport Notify: Directly from an Announcement,  teamSOS users can trigger NetSupport Notify’s one-way takeover notification to all users and digital signage, to update and instruct the wider workforce.


*NEW!* Launch NetSupportNotify
alerts via teamSOS Announcements

Combining teamSOS’s innovative incident response capabilities with NetSupport Notify’s powerful mass notifications, we’re streamlining emergency communications, with the ability to report respond, notify, and resolve — all from the teamSOS app.

Watch below to see how our partnership closes the loop for mass communication:


What can NetSupport Notify offer you?

  • Multi-platform support
  • Apply priority levels to alerts
  • Deliver messages to unlimited users (including departments)
  • Send full-screen messages to unattended devices (e.g. digital public information screens)
  • Messages can’t be skipped, ignored or saved for later (unlike emails)
  • Customise alerts with your organisations branding
  • Include audible alerts
  • Support for clickable URLs within alerts
  • Hotkey support in ‘Emergency Response’ scenarios
  • Send immediately or schedule alerts in advance
  • Works across multiple networks (send messages to IP ranges)
  • Central reporting and tracking to see who has received and acknowledged your notification.
  • Plus much more…

Creating a notification with NetSupport Notify…

Create a notification

Create a new notification by adding a title and supporting text – or choose an existing notification to reuse.

Choose notification type

Select the type of notification and how it will display.


Customise the notification with your branding, add logos and choose fonts and colours.

Choose recipients

Select the recipients you want your notification to be sent to.


Choose to schedule the notification or send immediately.


Keep track of who has received and acknowledged the notification.

What benefits will you gain?

Emergency and lockdown communication

NetSupport Notify can be a vital communication tool during an organisations emergency and lockdown procedure and some integrate it as an official part of their emergency plans, due to its ability to send a clear and concise message or instructions to all connected computers – across multiple platforms, specific users, devices or selected departments. The delivered notification automatically takes screen focus on recipient computers and can be accompanied by an audible alert to ensure attention is gained.

If there isn’t time to type a lengthy message, the sender can create and use a ready-made “emergency response” alert, and send it from the office or on the move with our dedicated mobile apps.

Evidence of acknowledgment

Prioritise each notification with clear and concise notification types (e.g. News, Alert, Technical, Security, Alert, Health and Critical). Plus, create your own set of notification type icons (using your own text, fonts and colour) to suit the types of messages you wish to send out.

When the notification is sent, a notification progress chart is automatically created and updates in real-time to show the message being delivered and then acknowledged. All delivered messages are recorded centrally with full delivery and receipt logging, plus the ability to export a summary for future analysis.

Save time

Not only does NetSupport Notify send notifications to all or selected members of staff (and students) in a single action (across multiple platforms), with its screen presence, users can’t ignore them – which saves precious time in the case of more urgent alerts. It also allows recurring events to be scheduled in advance for a fixed time and date: hourly, daily, weekly, even every “xx minutes”.

Plus, it does not require regular management of contacts, making it a quick and easy solution to use.


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