teamSOS is thrilled to announce a game-changing partnership with SIMS.


This landmark integration ushers in a new era of school management, reinforcing SIMS’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for educational institutions. By seamlessly integrating teamSOS’s state-of-the-art incident management platform into SIMS, users now have unparalleled access to tools that empower staff to respond to incidents and emergencies in real-time.

Bridget, CEO of teamSOS, highlighted the significance of this integration, saying, “Our transformational partnership with SIMS enables staff to instantly report issues and emergencies and get the support and help they need, right from the heart of the SIMS system. This powerful integration saves time at every stage for school staff, empowering staff to resolve incidents efficiently and effectively, and seamlessly consolidating automated incident records back into SIMS. We are delighted that SIMS has chosen to integrate teamSOS and provide a cutting-edge incident response and resolution system for their customers.”

SIMS said “SIMS is committed to providing the most comprehensive software for the management of schools. Incident response and reporting is a critical part of this, and schools have significant duty of care responsibilities to ensure they act quickly, effectively and then track this in their school reporting. Working with teamSOS our customers can now do this from within SIMS – streamlining the process and ensuring staff have access to critical data that can improve how they respond to any incidents as they happen.”


Key benefits of the integration include:

In-SIMS access: Instantly report incidents from the simple teamSOS interface

Efficient Resolution: Incident response teams can co-ordinate and resolve incidents in real-time with features that replace radio

Automated Record Keeping: teamSOS’s instant incident reports seamlessly upload back into SIMS

Time Savings: The integration accelerates response times, saving valuable time for school staff

The SIMS and teamSOS partnership marks a revolutionary milestone for the education sector. Focused on safety, efficiency, and effectiveness, this collaboration promises to bring transformative benefits to schools, students, and staff.

Find out more about our partnership via the SIMS Integration Page.