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Use teamSOS to effectively manage incidents in real time and then close the loop with seamless upload of student related incident reports back into SIMS – all in-app.

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The teamSOS & SIMS partnership in a nutshell

How it all comes together for seamless incident management in teamSOS

👉 One-Tap Reporting: Our all device accessible home screen acts as your schools control centre, where any and all staff members can rapidly and easily report incidents. From disruptive behaviour, to medical emergencies, lockdowns to IT issues, get help fast with just one tap.  NEW: Launch the Call for Help Panel directly from your SIMS focus menu.


🔄 Seamless 2-way Communications: Live Audio Broadcast replaces old-school walkie-talkies. Messaging allows for discretion. Voice-to-Text for hands-free dictation. Communicate and co-ordinate effectively and dynamically – with GDPR compliance built-in.  NEW: Connect an incident in teamSOS quickly and easily to a student record in SIMS by tagging one or more students.  


Real-Time Support: The right policies and protocols are instantly accessible, supporting staff to act consistently, compliantly and correctly. A live record is created as staff check off tasks and assign tasks to other responders. 


📝 Instant Evidence: Incident timeline reports are automatically captured, complete with all events including audio broadcast recordings. Share on-platform with relevant stakeholders for sign off. Say goodbye to manual post-incident write ups.  NEW: Seamlessly upload behaviour incident reports back into SIMS.


🔍 Leadership Oversight: Live dashboards provide leadership with school-wide visibility of incidents, at any given moment – with the ability to join the conversation wherever they see fit.  

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