Discover how one school used teamSOS to reduce truancy and improve attendance.  

Simply by changing their approach to on-call and incident response processes, a secondary school in Suffolk is improving staff and student safety, driving up attendance and maximising teaching and learning time in the classroom.

Felixstowe School is a secondary school and sixth form with around 1200 students on roll. Formed in 2011 the school joined the Unity Schools Partnership in September 2019 following a disappointing OfSTED result in 2017.

Emma Wilson-Downes was appointed headteacher in October 2019 and has led the school team throughout the deeply challenging events of both 2020 and 2021, whilst at the same time making provision to improve the school by focusing on key areas of student safeguarding, consistent systems, and effective response.

Staff are encouraged to figure out what lies beneath behaviour and encourage students to communicate in better ways, avoiding confrontational situations whilst understanding individual backgrounds.

The ability to split the work helped us focus our staff where they are needed the most. Being able to quickly ascertain students’ whereabouts if they are late for a lesson, and to keep known truancy offenders in school has been a truly positive experience for us.

Emma Wilson-Downes

Headteacher, Felixstowe School

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