Primary School replaces radios with latest technology to achieve amazing results.  

An inspiring example of how a Primary School replaced radios with teamSOS and revolutionised their on-call incident management processes, sped up their response times and improved staff and student safety and well-being.

According to the June 2021 Edurio Staff Working Conditions and Wellbeing survey of more than 10,000 staff in schools and Trusts, 24% of staff don’t feel safe in school, 48% find it hard to get support with behavioural issues and 65% experience regular disruption to learning. Disappointingly, it appears nothing has changed since ASCL released similar findings in 2016!

Heron Way Primary School replaced radios with teamSOS because they wanted to make sure their staff were better supported when dealing with incidents.

We really like the reliability of teamSOS. Previously we’d only find out at the scene that we needed others, doubling the time and effort during a situation that could escalate. teamSOS allows us to respond in the best way and gives us reassurance that we are doing everything we can to keep our children and staff happy and safe. There’s no way we’d go back to radios now!

James Crump

Headteacher, Heron Way Primary School

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