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TeamSOS integrates with MyConcern allowing every member of staff in school to report safeguarding concerns to the DSL quickly and effectively, speeding up your safeguarding response and providing a full audit trail and evidence in-line with the latest KCSIE requirements. 

CPOMS Safeguarding solution

CPOMS is a leading software solution for monitoring Safeguarding, wellbeing and all pastoral issues. The integration allows staff to quickly and effectively report safeguarding concerns to the DSL for a fast and reliable safeguarding response. Safeguarding concerns raised in teamSOS are automatically added to the student record in CPOMS to provide a 360 view of the child in the system.

TeamSOS integrates with Senso by using violation alerts so that incident response can be prioritised, effectively undertaken, and clearly communicated, improving classroom management and boosting the confidence of staff. Clear records of incidents can be kept, to ensure that nothing slips through the gaps.

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