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teamSOS – The Modern Solution for a Safer Tomorrow

the affordable app enabling rapid and efficient response in emergency situations

Rapid Reporting and Response

Dynamic communications features

Guidance in-the-moment

Automated Evidence

Where can teamSOS help us?

 Coordination & Communication: With one tap, any staff member can reach the appropriate responders for the incident at hand. With teamSOS’s advanced 2-way communication tools, like live audio broadcast and voice-to-text features, staff can dynamically and easily exchange information during critical moments

 Dynamic Security Plans: With teamSOS, colleges have comprehensive security plans in place. From your customised Help directory screen, all staff will be able to communicate any type of emergency to the right teams quickly, with supporting guidance instantly accessible to all responders – including ‘always-on’ bitesize medical emergency support

 Training and Preparedness: Effortlessly executed to ensure your staff body is ready in case of the real thing

 Physical Security Measures: In addition to digital tools, teamSOS offers smart buttons with built-in GPS for a discreet way to raise the alarm from anywhere on-site. We also are able to integrate with physical security software to activate physical security measures from within an incident channel

 Streamlined Risk Assessments & Security Audits: In the event that Martyn’s Law requires periodic and repeated assessments, teamSOS enables you to do so in-app. Officers can launch a dedicated assessment incident, and with the relevant tasks instantly populating, your officer can check off the tasks and checks required, creating a live evidence log as they go, with effortless stakeholder sharing

 Comprehensive Visibility and Evidence Reporting: With rich-media evidence reporting and live dashboards, teamSOS provides leadership with a comprehensive view of the institution’s security status. Every action taken is recorded, ensuring that leadership understands how incidents were dealt with.

 Collaboration with Authorities: Instant live evidence logs allow the institution to share concise incident information to local authorities whenever needed as well as provide insitution wide data

How teamSOS facilitates best case outcomes in an emergency

Provide a streamlined and instant way for staff to Call for Help in an emergency

Instantly brief responder groups from any device in an incident

Your guidance visible instantly

teamSOS supports staff in-the-moment to respond in-line with your instructions – automatically fetching your relevant guidance, policies and supporting documents and making them available to all responders

Communicate and coordinate dynamically

Utilise live audio broadcast, voice dictation, announcements, and more – to coordinate and communicate efficiently whilst an incident evolves

Visibility and effortless evidencing

Every action taken is recorded, so leadership can understand what happened, see how it was dealt with, and provide evidence for authorities


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