Take control of incidents and emergencies with teamSOS

GDPRiS has partnered with teamSOS to provide schools and trusts with a simple
on-call incident response solution with data privacy at its core

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The future of incident response in schools and trusts

teamSOS is a unique on-call solution that works across desktop, tablet, mobile and even a help button that can sit on a lanyard. Designed to safeguard your staff and students during an incident, teamSOS brings the right teams together to ensure incidents are dealt with quickly and effectively.

A unique on-call solution for schools and trusts

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Put a help button in the hands
of all staff


  • A simple way to ‘call for help’ from any device or a clickable button
  • Calls for help immediately alert the appropriate response team
  • Use the latest in-app ‘push to talk’ technology during an incident
  • Provides a personal alarm for all staff to use offsite
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Ensure correct procedures are followed


  • Create in-app task lists to ensure that your procedures are followed
  • Point staff to the in-app first-aid videos until the right help arrives
  • Review how incidents were handled with one-page incident summaries
  • CPOMS integration coming soon: safeguarding incidents stored against pupil records
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Announcements that cut through the noise


  • Create announcements that trigger a distinctive notification that sits above everyday internal activity
  • Monitor staff safety, staff can check-in and confirm that they are safe during an emergency or if they need help
  • Provide appropriate guidance during a site-wide emergency, such as a lock-down or evacuation

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