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Site Safety

Site Safety & Lockdowns

Our advanced solution allows staff to report site safety concerns from anywhere at any time, whether at their desk or on the move. Staff can report concerns in teamSOS and reach the right responders instantly – with automatic escalation ensuring concerns are seen in a timely manner. Participants can activate mass notifications from within the incident, sharing critical information to all staff and students on site, ensuring everyone on campus is informed and instructed in an emergency. Find out more about how teamSOS goes above and beyond for Invacuation, Evacuation and Lockdowns here.

Martyn's Law

teamSOS provides a 360 and proactive approach to safety that prepares institutions to effectively handle any unforeseen emergencies and meet and exceed the requirements of Martyn’s Law:

Coordination & Communication Dynamic Security Plans Training and Preparedness Physical Security Measures
Streamlined Risk Assessments & Security Audits  Comprehensive Visibility and Evidence Reporting:  Collaboration with Authorities

Find out more about how we meet these requirements of Martyns Law here

Business Continuity & Risk Management

teamSOS is a robust solution for maintaining operational continuity, offering a communications toolset not reliant on email or telephone which is particularly effective in scenarios of IT infrastructure compromise or lack of access to your site. It’s mobile capability allows responders to manage incidents from any location, including off-site and remote environments. teamSOS even stores your critical documents and emergency plans external to your IT system ensuring you can access them at all times. 

Enabling seamless communication and evidencing of events and actions,  teamSOS keeps all relevant parties informed and involved.  Access to college protocols and automated tracking of actions taken, enhances compliance and provides in-the-moment guidance to support staff to act correctly when it matters. 

Radio Replacement

Say goodbye to radio! teamSOS brings your on-call management into the 21st century

Find out more about how teamSOS replaces radio here.

Student Wellbeing & Safeguarding

Student Wellbeing

At teamSOS, we prioritise student wellbeing, offering a rapid, precise and secure information flow mechanism for wellbeing incidents, including mental and physical health concerns and pastoral issuesReceive a timely and appropriate response, ensure no issues “fall through the gaps”.  Use teamSOS to remember to check-in on vulnerable students and ensure their wellbeing. 

Student Safeguarding

Report and act on safeguarding concerns using teamSOSAny staff member can access advice, guidance and ask for assistanceA full evidence timeline is kept of how concerns are dealt with and can be seamlessly uploaded to leading safeguarding systems (CPOMS and MyConcern), all at the click of a button. 


As outlined in the Prevent Agenda, teamSOS empowers institutions to be responsive to student issues and plays a fundamental role in early identification, evidencing, and intervention for radicalisation concerns.  Senior leadership and appropriate stakeholders benefit from a centralised view that unifies and monitors institution-wide, ensuring nothing is missed. 

Staff Support

Staff Support

teamSOS is designed to support staff across multi-site campuses of any size, with mobile capability allowing lone workers to call for help from any location, including off-site and remote environments. Our customised interface not only simplifies the reporting of incidents directly to the appropriate teams, it also eradicates co-ordination efforts, as teamSOS triages instantly to find the right on-rota staff to help quickly and effectively. With instant access to 2-way communications tools, teamSOS enables real-time response and resolution.  

Behaviour & Attendance

Support your staff in the classroom when managing poor behaviour with a quick and easy call for help to their colleagues Alert On-call support for class removals or interventions or get remote advice and guidance discreetlyUse teamSOS to alert the attendance team of missing or vulnerable students and intervene quickly to help them with their attendance issues. 

integration partners

Integration with Safeguarding Systems. Find out more from our partners page.

Integration with systems that alert designated staff to students suspected of becoming vulnerable or a threat to others. Find out more from our partners page.

Integration with Mass Communications Systems for lockdown & crisis management To find out more, click here.

Integration with MIS systems.

Elevate campus safety with , the future of incident management

Streamlined incident reporting from any device. Smart buttons offer an immediate, discreet alert option.
Customise teamSOS to address your college’s priorities.

Enhance collaboration and response efficiency with our GDPR-compliant communication tools, including live audio, voice-to-text, and silent chat – all securely recorded

All actions and activity is recorded, creating instant and complete post incident reports that can be shared up-the-chain for review or shared with appropriate stakeholders.


Senior leadership gains real-time visibility insitution wide with our live dashboard. Our comprehensive reporting tools enable data-driven strategies, enhancing your college’s performance.

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