Case Study

Heron Way Primary School replaced radios with teamSOS

Cannock Chase High School

Find out more about the “transformational impact” teamSOS had on this school & why David Reynolds has become a key advocate for teamSOS


A SIMS school with 1,100 students embarked on a transformative journey in incident management with teamSOS, led by Deputy Head David Reynolds. With 100 staff actively using teamSOS, the school has set a benchmark in emergency responsiveness & routine incident management in the educational sector.


Before adopting teamSOS, Cannock Chase High School faced significant challenges in incident management. The existing system was sluggish & often left staff feeling isolated & unsupported in critical situations. This inefficiency was a growing concern, particularly in managing time-sensitive incidents that required immediate attention.

Heron Way Primary School replaces radios with teamSOS


The integration of teamSOS brought a revolutionary change. David Reynolds, impressed by the system’s unique capabilities, said, “I’ve never seen anything that offers that particular service… teamSOS is much, much more than that.” The platform’s “intuitive design” & rapid deployment facilitated a smooth transition to more efficient incident management practices.

I think there are lots & lots of schools & trusts up & down the country who don’t realise yet that teamSOS is the solution they need.


The impact has been transformational”

David Reynolds, Deputy Head


The deployment of teamSOS was described by Reynolds as “transformational,” particularly in enhancing the school’s de-escalation strategies & improving overall incident response times. He emphasised how teamSOS supports rapid response, which is crucial for effective de-escalation. “The rapid response to incidents has better supported the de-escalation strategies of the school,” he explained, noting that this capability has significantly boosted staff confidence & ensured a supportive environment.



Reynolds advocates for teamSOS not only within the school but also to broader educational authorities, recognising its impact in managing complex safety & behavioural challenges efficiently. The system’s swift alerting & communication features have reduced workload & streamlined workflows, enabling staff to address incidents more effectively.


“I would absolutely recommended teamSOS. I’m a real advocate for the product. I’ve recommended it to my local authority.”

David Reynolds, Deputy Head



With teamSOS, Cannock Chase has seen a reduction in incident response times & an improvement in handling emergencies & routine alerts. The system’s effectiveness in real-time communication & incident management has made it an indispensable tool for the school. Staff members, now more than ever, feel equipped & supported to manage any situation confidently.



David Reynolds’ final thoughts reaffirm the critical role of teamSOS at Cannock Chase High School: “I think we would struggle without teamSOS now because I’m not sure what other system there is on the market that could replicate that kind of service.” This case study showcases the profound impact & essential utility of teamSOS in transforming the l&scape of incident management within educational institutions.


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